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Rescue Medicine

In Orange County alone, there were nearly 10,000 dogs and cats euthanized n 2013!

For the most part, most of these animals only lacked a home. This sad statistic is an example of how many marginalized pets exist in our rather affluent society. In comparison, nearly 15,000 pets were euthanized in 2010.

Fortunately, there has been a steady reduction in the number of pets destroyed over the last few years. Most of this reduction is the result of spay-neuter policies before adoption, economic trends, and hundreds of volunteers working tirelessly to find homes for these unwanted pets.

Thanks to the efforts of rescue volunteers, the internet, and generosity by the veterinary community, more pets in need of medical care and loving homes have been and will be spared.

There isn’t a veterinarian that I know that doesn’t give back to their community by contributing their time and expertise toward this worthy cause.

All animals that are adopted from a shelter have to be spayed or neutered regardless of age. This is always a surgical procedure performed by a veterinarian. At San Clemente Veterinary Hospital, we are proud to provide pro bono (free) spay and neuter services to the San Clemente Animal Shelter (Pet Project Foundation – PPF) and the Capistrano Animal Rescue Effort (CARE). The cost for safe anesthesthetics, pain medication, surgical supplies, nursing, and doctor time are all donated. This assures that these pets get top notch care and do not burden the budget of the animal shelter.

Our facilities are always available to various shelters at or below our true cost.

We are proud to offer these services to this worthy cause. I have worked in San Clemente for over 23 years now and am both gratified and thrilled to see the tremendous benefit to the animal community and our citizens through the adoption efforts of these organizations.
Below is a partial list of the shleters that come to us for medical, surgical, and general diagnostic help:

Pet Project Foundation (PPF), San Clemente
Capistrano Animal Rescue Effort (CARE), San Juan Capistrano
The Barking Lot, San Diego
Angel City Pits, Los Angeles
Orange County Boxer Rescue
Orange County German Shepherd Rescue